Xavier Jared


Two brothers on personal development, philosophy, and being awesome

About us

The world would be a better, more exciting place if people were more awesome. We’re not totally sure what that means though, so that’s what we write about on this here site. It’s part philosophy, and part journal about how we’re applying this to our own lives.

When we were young

We’ve been brothers for a little over two decades. Some where along the way we unfortunately lost track of these super cool basketball t-shirts. (Dr Jam!) Still right into cooking though. We both grew up in Geelong, and are both now living in Melbourne, Australia. Jared is primarily a drummer, and plays in many bands in all sorts of genres. Also, he knows more about Star Wars than you. Xavier has previously worked as a nerd in technology start ups, but is now working for him self running Vegan Month.

Master of the Universe Foosball Challenge

Once, we had a Master of the Universe foosball challenge that lasted over 20 minutes and came down to the last goal. They had to keep the pub open for us.

We could list more things, but probably the best way to get to know us is by reading through the site. There’s plenty of stories about what we do and where we’ve come from. Here’s a few to get you started:

You can follow Xavier on Twitter, Jared on Facebook, or send us an email at hello@two-shay.com.