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Avoid Bullshit Goals


Here at TwoShay we’re all about increasing awesomeness. If you’re becoming more awesome then you’re doing something right. One of the best ways to do this is to set goals. One of the worst ways is to set goals that are bullshit.

A prime example of a bullshit goal is “be the best you can be”. It’s a goal you can never achieve. You could spend your whole life working away at it and you’d never reach a point where you couldn’t get any better. There’s no clearly defined end point. You can’t make progress if you don’t know where you’re going.

Goals should give you something to aim for; something that you can work towards. If there was a path from now-you to future-you with more awesome, setting and achieving realistic goals will get you walking it.

Set a goal, achieve it, move on

Don’t fall into the trap of doing something just to get better at it. It’s an easy trap to fall into. After spending an afternoon mindlessly bashing away on my drum set I often find myself asking “what did I achieve there?” Sure, sinking a few extra hours into playing can’t hurt, but wouldn’t my time have been better spent actually practising something? I would have been better off working towards a set goal. This cycle can go on for years. Fortunately, life’s not a game. You get as many perception rolls as you want. If you think your progress is not where it should be, why not use a few? You might find you’ve been standing on a big trap the whole time.

Set concrete goals

Here’s a handy reference guide:

Bullshit goal Not bullshit goal
Earn more money Earn an extra $1000 next month
Get a bike Ride everyday to work
Eat healthier No take-out for a month
Buy a membership Go to the gym for 1 hour 3 times a week
Be more social Talk to 5 people at the next party
Go to more parties Crash at least 1 party in the next week

Want to get in better shape? Don’t waste your money on a gym membership. “Gym” is not a goal. You cannot achieve “Gym.” It doesn’t even make sense. Sign up for a local 5km fun run, aim to go for a hike, or even just take the stairs for a month. These are realistic goals. Things you can work towards and achieve.

Be honest with yourself. What are you really working towards? If your answer sounds like bullshit, it probably is.

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