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Packing Light


Today’s post is in video format! In less than three hours, I’m heading to the airport to embark on a nine week tour through the United States and the United Kingdom (more details here, but be warned it is pretty geeky). I will not be taking any checked luggage—only the small bag on my back. I don’t have all the best gear, but I prefer jumping in the deep end and figuring out how to swim as I go. It’s a neat way to learn. The only new major items I purchased were the bag and the shirts, coming in at about $300.

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Expect a full review on my return!

Once you start thinking in terms of the essentials, you realise there is really not that much you need. I still have plenty of room in my pack, where I could not think of anything else I wanted to take. Eliminating checked luggage forces a change of perspective, which will stick with me even if I decide to take my full weight allowance in the future. This is the real benefit of trying new habits—not necessarily to stick with them, but to learn new ways of thinking that you can apply even after the trial period. Mix up your diet, try a new shave, listen to a different genre of music, add a new exercise to your routine. See what tricks you pick up.

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