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Awesome Foundation Comes To Melbourne


Everyone has an idea for something cool, but sometimes you just need a bit of cash money to get things rolling. That’s where The Awesome Foundation comes in. Every month they grant $1000 to projects deemed to be awesome. One thousand bucks, straight up, no strings attached. Projects are selected by a board of ten micro-trustees, who between them contribute the funds and decide which projects to get behind. The Awesome Foundation started in Boston last year, but chapters have sprung up around the world, with new groups of trustees supporting awesome in their local area.

“Awesome” is a fairly intangible concept, and in practice it envelopes a wide variety of projects, from climate change audio tours, to putting stars back in the London sky, to invisible instruments, to hip-hop word analysis, to underwater bases.

In January 2011, The Awesome Foundation is coming to Melbourne, Australia. I am a trustee, alongside nine other particularly groovacious folk. Anyone can apply for a grant, just head over to the application form.

This is exactly the sort of thing Jared and I like to see here at TwoShay. I am psyched to see what projects we can get going in Melbourne.


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