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Quick Skills


Becoming awesome can be a daunting task. Often you’ll have to face up to life altering decisions and push yourself outside of your comfort zone. But thats all big picture stuff. Let’s take a look at how you can start becoming more awesome today!

Have you ever met ‘that guy’? Maybe you’ve seen him around. He’s the one at parties who can whip out a card trick; he’s the one who knows how to juggle; he’s the one who can pull answers out of nowhere for the morning quiz; he’s the one who steps up after a night out and makes pancakes from whatever is in the cupboard. Sound familiar?

You can be that guy (or girl!). It’s just a bunch of little skills, and none of them are particularly difficult. There are countless numbers of tricks and skills you can learn. Some take as few as five minutes! Here at TwoShay we call these things “Quick Skills,” and we’ve taken quite a shine to learning as many as we can. To help you out we’re going to share all the quick skills we can find in handy how-to format, and don’t worry, we’ll field test them first.

Here’s a few to get you started. Awesome points for each one you can already do!

Your powers wisely, use you must

One word of warning before you start cranking out your quick skills willy nilly. These aren’t just so you can ‘win’ your next social outing. It can be a lot fun being ‘that guy,’ however it can also be a lot of fun not liking ‘that guy.’ People might become jealous of just how awesome you are. Be modest. If an opening comes, up go for it, but there’s a much better reason why learning quick skills is a good idea.

Quick skills are small stimulating challenges that can give you a real sense of achievement for very little work. We all have much larger goals and things to learn that might take thousands of minutes, not just five. (You do have these don’t you?) It can be discouraging working at the same thing day in day out when it feels like you’re getting nowhere. It’s at times like these I find myself switching on the TV or logging into Facebook. (I’m an absolute pro at this one.) Quick skills are great way to change things up if you find yourself becoming burnt out or frustrated. They can reinvigorate your mind and you can use this energy to jump back into your bigger goals with new found determination.

We have plenty more quick skills up our sleeves and will continue to share them with you. However we’re always looking out for more so if you can do something quick and awesome, let us know.

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