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Worst Case Scenarios


Here is one technique I use, and often recommend, to deal with “stage fright”.

Adopt a mind set where even if the worst case scenario occurs, you still win. It’s easy to be scared of something by thinking “what if it doesn’t work out?” You need to delve deeper—what does it actually mean for something to “not work out”?

First you need to dismiss the stupid scenarios your brain comes up with. Your friends aren’t all going to start hating you, people aren’t offended if you ask them for a job, and the plane isn’t going to crash. You don’t worry about getting hit by a meteor everyday, so don’t let the same type of worrying affect your future decisions.

Once you’ve done that, you can focus on the realistic worst case scenario.

Later this year I am travelling internationally to run a series of training programs. This is quite scary, and easy to rationalize against. It’s a lot of work to organize, and I don’t have the same reputation internationally that I do in Austraila.

What if it doesn’t work out? No one comes to my training, I lose some money. Also, I learn a lot about organisation and marketing (if only what not to do), I travel to at least 5 cities I’ve never been to, meet a heap of new people, catch up with some old friends, and learn a lot about my target market (namely: it doesn’t exist!)

Doesn’t sound so bad, does it?

For a more realistic worst case scenario, I need to run two full workshops to break even. To be confident I can do this, I put out feelers to guage interest, and I’m also running 10 of them. Even if I have individual failures (I’m having trouble finding a venue in Portland…) I am covered, and learn something for next time (stick to San Francisco?)


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