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You Are No Different To Anyone Else


There are a lot of people in this world, and they can do a lot of different things. Try to think of something that a person might be able to do—it can be anything. Maybe you picked “become a fireman” or perhaps you chose “stand on one leg”. These are both good choices. Whatever you picked someone out there in the world has already done it. Odds are a whole bunch of people have already done it. Jump on the internet and you’ll find them all hanging out together.

There are people who are really good at gripping and bending things, folk who spin pens, a clan who all record commentaries of professional Starcraft matches, everyday people who run really long distances, guys who talk about flashlights. (They can probably do some other stuff with flashlights, but judging by the post count and the fact there are multiple forums about the topic I’d say talking about it is what they are best at.)

What I do is view each one of these as a proof of concept. If someone has done it before—and they almost always have—then that proves that you are capable of also doing it. You might not ever be able to juggle as well as Victor Kee, but you will be able to get basics down and have some fun with it.

Victor Kee
Victor Kee. Make this pose. Right now.

Juggling is something that has come up before on our blog, so I’m going to roll with it for a bit. Millions of people can juggle. I can’t cite an actual study or anything here but I’m fairly confident it’s in the millions. So, can you juggle? I don’t mean right now (if you can then bear with me), I mean are you capable of being able to juggle? If you said anything that resembles “I’m not coordinated enough” then I don’t like you. Even if you were only thinking it, you’re still on the list. It really shits me when people say that. Although it’s usually phrased “im 2 unco lol” so maybe that has something to do with it. The same excuse also comes up fairly often when people find out I’m a drummer.

I suppose it makes sense to think that some people are more naturally coordinated than others but that is besides the point. Drumming and juggling teach you to become coordinated. You get the necessary skills and experience as you learn. It’s completely backwards to think about it in reverse. How many times have you heard the excuses “I can’t sing”, “I’m not flexible enough”, or “I’m not smart enough”? Every single one of those lines is bullshit people say to avoid taking action. Millions of people can do it, what makes you any different?

I don’t know if I should be hating on television or society but whatever made us think that way better watch out—there’s two of us here at TwoShay and that’s at least four punches to the face.

It’s Not Magic

You can learn to juggle in fifteen minutes. If you’re new to that sort of thing maybe a few hours and absolute worst case only a few days. The reality is that juggling is an incredibly simple thing to learn, yet people give it this mystical quality. There are no tricks or secrets, it’s just throwing and catching a few balls. You do much more impressive things with your body everyday.

I like to keep our articles quite focused but indulge me for a minute. Think about some really impressive examples of things people have done. Think about those people who sell everything they own and travel the world, the people who work from home doing what they love, the people who compete in ultra endurance sporting events. These are just the examples that I think of, you will most likely have very different ones. These activities aren’t as simple as learning to juggle, but they are all things that are capable of being a part of your reality—others can do it and as far as I’m concerned, that is proof that you can do it too.

People are capable of doing amazing things, and you are no different to any one of them.

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