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Don't Live Forever


How cool would it be if we didn’t all pike at the 70 to 80 mark? If one day the big G and Buddha hit the sauce a little too hard and thought it’d be fun to give us all a 100 year life extension. Take whenever you think us humans hit our prime, extend that by 100 years, then resume aging as per normal. Think of all the things you could accomplish in that time. You could learn a bunch of different languages, become really fit, play a ton of instruments, take up paleontology because you watched Jurassic Park too many times as a kid—basically you could do anything you wanted. 100 years is a really long time.

Unfortunately Buddha’s pretty responsible, and Viagra for our life expectancy doesn’t exist. (Shotgun being in charge of the advertising campaign when it does though.) Even if it was a real thing it wouldn’t lead to us getting any of that cool stuff done. It would make us think we could but in reality (the fantastic reality where science invented Life Viagra) we’d just have more time to do the same thing we’re doing now—procrastinate for ages and never actually get anything done. Just look at turtles. They live for freakin’ ages and when have you ever seen one of them rap out the fresh prince theme song?

Up to no good. Kudos to motleypixel.

It doesn’t matter how much time you’ve got. A longer harder life span isn’t going to make it any easier to get motivated and put in the hard work. Remember when you got that two week extension on your university assignment? It felt good initially, but in practice you just ended up stressed for another two weeks, and you still pulled an all nighter to get it in on time. More time isn’t a get-stuff-done free pass.

Imagine a bizzaro earth where we only live until we’re 30 and superman wears his duds on the inside. Think about how excited all the bizzaro humanoids would be if they suddenly got another 40 years tacked onto their blue skinned communist existence [Xavier: I have no idea what the fuck he’s talking about either]. Now think about how disappointed they’d be when they see that’s exactly how long we live for, and we haven’t miraculously turned into super intelligent multi-instrumentalists. Because of the way we live we just made Smurf Stalin cry [Xavier: O_o]. I think we should do something about that.

What we’re going to do about it

We may never get around to learning a new language, becoming a chess master or writing our thesis on the probability of a bear taking on a triceratops in a cage match. All these things take years of hard work and dedication and if you’re not in a position where you have a pressing need or strong desire to do one of them, there’s really no reason to lose sleep about not doing it. Even though it sounds incredibly wanky I’ll borrow some university lingo and call these things life majors. You only ever really have a handful of these and you’re probably better off putting some serious hours into a select few and getting really good at them. Nothing is stopping you from taking an absolute shit load of life electives though, and that’s what we’re going to do to help cure Stalin of the blues [Xavier: Well played. I guess.].

Chin up Stalski! Kudos to agitprop.

Most of us still have decades ahead of us and the amount of new things we can shove into those years is staggering. There are countless things you can learn right now that don’t take a lifetime. You don’t need a PhD from Chef Academy to google a new recipe. You don’t need a secretary to sign up for a dance lesson. You don’t need to be the Dalai Lama to meditate for five minutes. You don’t need to be Rudy Reyes to crank out some pushups. You also don’t need to be Rudy Reyes to simply read a book (although he’d do a much better job of it than you could).

Even the life majors can be taken as electives to get a taste. I don’t expect you all to be able to throw chops around the drum set like I can but you can take some intro lessons and get some basic grooves down. I’m currently learning to dance, not because I want to run around the ceiling like Fred Astaire, but because it’s something that sounds fun and I wanted to try it out. When you think something looks cool, don’t just think about doing it someday, actually get out there and try it now. Get into the habit of trying things today rather than tomorrow, you’ll be able to fit an incredible amount into the time you have left.


The problem isn’t that you’re not living long enough, the problem is you’re not living hard enough. Imagine your life is a computer. When you go to the computer shop to rice it up would you buy the same thing that lasts longer or a better souped up version that works better and allows you to get more stuff done? When Buddha puts down his beer you can impress him with the answer.

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