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It's OK To Feel Stupid


Last week I decided to learn how to beat box. I feel awkward enough speaking to myself, so making crazy sounds feels totally ridiculous. It’s the same feeling the first few times you go for a run, try dancing, or practice a speech in front of the mirror. It doesn’t feel this way because of anything inherently stupid in the activities; like a new pair of pants, anything is uncomfortable to begin with until you wear it in.

Learn to love that feeling. You know how good those pants are going to feel once you’ve worn them in. You can’t be an expert without being a beginner first. In the spirit of embracing that stupid feeling, here is me beat boxing after my first week of practice:

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Become comfortable with this feeling, and you’ll become impervious to criticism. You may watch the above video and think “what a fool!”, to which I respond “of course! What else would you expect?” I’m practicing hard and trying to get through this phase as quickly as possible so I can start dropping totally phat beats.

Nobody gives old guys in speedos any attention at the beach, and those old guys wouldn’t care if they did. Only people with body image issues worry about people looking at and judging them if they take their shirt off, when in reality nobody notices. It’s all in their heads.

Practice will be hard the first few times, even when you set up in your own room with no one home and the blinds closed. You are going to feel stupid. Every time though you’ll be getting better, and the feeling will diminish quickly. Push through that phase quickly, have fun with it, and you’ll be on the path to awesomeness in no time.

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