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Get Up Early


Getting up early is something that has come up before on TwoShay, and it has been covered by the internet heavy hitters many, times, over. It’s personal development 101 and if you haven’t got it down, get on it!

I’ve tried sleeping in and staying up later but I’ve never managed to be happy with the results, so I’m an advocate of becoming an early riser. If you’re looking at fixing or changing your sleep patterns getting up early is where I’d start. Don’t give me that bullshit about “you’re not a morning person.” If I stayed up late everynight I’d suck at getting up too. You can change and it’s very easy to do so. There are so many good reasons you should be getting up early. You’ll actually feel awake, your energy levels will soar, you get heaps done, you have more time in the day, you get to watch the sunrise, and because of all this you’ll just end up feeling really good.

Up before the sun

Recently I tried a little experiment where I would get up at 5am everyday. I’ve always got up relatively early but never consistantly at 5am. If I had no social obligations or late night gigs this is definitely the kind of sleeping pattern I would be using. In my current situation it meant I got some insanely productive days in but as soon as a gig would go late or I was out with friends it was too hard to hit 5 the next day. I screwed around with afternoon naps and it was pretty successful, but it’s hard to find somewhere to get quality sleep if you aren’t at home, and that was often the case when I was going to be out late anyways. I lasted a couple of weeks though and some interesting results came out of it.

Firstly, getting used to waking up at 5 means 7 feels like a massive sleep in. When I stopped getting strict with setting the alarm at 5 everyday this was very handy. I could be out past midnight, get up before 8, and the day wouldn’t be a total write off.

Secondly, and this was the best part, it gave me so much time in the day that I never felt busy. There’s not a lot of stress in my life as it is but when it’s 10am and I’ve already played drums for three hours (on pads, one angry visit from the council is enough for me…), worked out, cleaned the house, and gone food shopping, it’s real hard to feel like you are pressed for time. Essentially I was getting more done and feeling less busy. That’s some late night infomercial shit right there.

Naps. Really?

Perhaps you’d like to be one of the cool kids though and not have to take an afternoon nap because you got up at 5am. You can dress it up however you want—I call it a siesta—but a nap is lame and makes you just that little bit closer to a weak old person. Personally, I’m okay with this. I ran the numbers and I’m fairly certain the extra time I get to become awesome counteracts the lame. You might not be though and that’s okay too. The main thing is to be aware of your sleeping habits. That’s really what personal develoment is all about. Having an awareness of how you are living. If you are staying up late and sleeping in all the time make sure it’s a conscious decision. That might be the best thing for your situation, and if you’re getting positive results, more power to you!

Sleeping is a major part of life. You’ll do an absolute shit load of it before your stupidity finally gets the better of you. If you’re stuck in a hole—figuratively, not because you’ve done something stupid again—start by getting your sleeping patterns down. I’m not going to tell you how to do it. I’ve already linked to articles that have great tips and strategies, and if you put even the next 10 seconds of thought into it I’m sure you will think of something (hint: it rhymes with disarm sock). I am going to stress that you do it though. Even if it’s just being aware of what you’re doing now and knowing you can geek out and change it up if you want.

Aside from perhaps the 5 minutes it’s going to take you to figure out what you want to do, and possibly set an alarm clock (in case you didn’t figure out my rhyme), it takes no time at all. You’re asleep the whole time, thats the point. Hell you can even take up lucid dreaming and use that time to get awesome too.

Bottom line: you get sweet benifits for virtually no cost, so if you haven’t already, get on it!

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