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Quick Skills: Hiccups


What’s this? Quick skills are small challenges that are rewarding and once mastered you’ll have forever. You can add them to your arsenal of awesome in as little as five minutes.

Skill Curing Hiccups.
Time to Learn 1 minute.
Equipment Glass of water.

This is a fairly well known trick, but I only learned it the other day and wanted to share. There are just under a million ways to cure hiccups and I was going to lay down some science on it, but turns out science doesn’t really know much about hiccups. Where do they come from? Why do they stay? Why won’t they leave? All big questions.

So here is one method that works for me.

Take a glass of water and go to drink it, but instead put your lips on the opposite side of the glass (the side furthest from you). Now drink the whole thing. Yeah, it’s awkward.


Who’s Better?

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In a rare occurence, we have to call this one a tie.

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