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Quick Skills: Beatboxing


What’s this? Quick skills are small challenges that are rewarding and once mastered you’ll have forever. You can add them to your arsenal of awesome in as little as five minutes.

Skill Beatboxing.
Time to Learn Hammer.
Equipment Functioning human voice. At least one homie.

Beatboxing is the art of imitating drum and percussion sounds. People have used their voice to make sounds for a rather long time but it’s only in the last 30 or so years that Hip Hop and drum machines made it popular. We are both white suburban kids so in addition to frisbee golf we are required to like both those things.

The sounds are actually fairly simple to teach and we wanted you to get your fiddy cent worth, so in this video we get quick to the groove construction.

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That’s all for this episode. Get fresh or die trying.

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